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Treatments begin at $90 and consultations are free.

As there are many factors to consider with tattoo lightening and removal, we invite you for a FREE no obligation consultation where we will provide you with a realistic and honest assessment to get the safest and most effective results with the best equipment New Zealand has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by our clients, if you have a question not covered below, please feel free to contact us.

We will look at the age, colour, placement and quality of your tattoo and give you an honest and realistic assessment to lighten a tattoo for a successful cover up, or to remove a tattoo altogether. We have invested in the best equipment available to make our treatment the most effective and therefore the most affordable. Treatments start at $90 and consultations are free, so why not contact us for a no obligation appointment?
Depending on what your objective is; for complete removal, on average we expect 5-8 sessions but lightening for a cover up may take as little as half that, as you can see in our examples. The procedure is usually quick and treatments can be performed every 6-8 weeks.
Black is the easiest, with light blues and greens being more difficult, so obviously lightening a tattoo for a cover up is faster and easier, that being said we have lasers that absolutely target ALL colours for FULL removal and you can learn about about laser wave lengths vs colour  and how it effects the removal process here.
The treatment can cause some slight discomfort depending on your pain threshold. we utilise a localised chilled air cooling treatment with a continuous flow of chilled air before, during and after the treatment to further minimise any discomfort. Most clients find this more than adequate and do not need any additional numbing cream, however, numbing creams can be sourced from chemists and/or prescribed by your gp. These help to bring the level of pain down to that experienced in the original application of the tattoo. Talk to your local chemist to find out what creams they stock and recommend. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between each treatment. any sooner and you risk damage to the skin.
Yes it does, but we manage the pain with our Zimmer machine that blows cryogenically cooled air on the area. On the plus side, treatments are very quick, typically being 5 minutes or less for small tattoos, and ranging from 15-20 minutes for larger work. If you can handle getting tattooed you will be able manage the discomfort of tattoo removal.
Swelling, redness and a sensation similar to sunburn is a normal reaction to laser treatment. It can remain swollen and tender for a while and may form small blisters that shouldn’t remain for too long. As it heals, it will dry and may become itchy; moisturizing with a cream such as Bepanthen will help relieve this. You will notice some lightening immediately after treatment which will become more prominent as the body starts to take away the broken down pigment, this will continue over the weeks between sessions. 6 to 8 weeks is advisable. It’s by no means a quick fix but a life of regrettable tattoos is much longer!
With our gold standard laser in the hands of our trained technicians, we expect your skin to return to normal quickly with no scarring. You may notice the new skin being lighter at first but in most cases this will correct itself.
We can do large areas but some big tattoos will need to be broken down into sections, we will discuss this during your FREE consultation.
Working closely with the team at Sacred Tattoo we can easily advise on this. For example, if you are lightening a bold tribal tattoo and are planning to cover up with a black and grey portrait of your grandma, you will require more treatments than say if you were covering up with a traditional panther, rose or a Japanese koi.
We advise 3 months, just to let the laser get to work as the tattoo will keep fading after the initial treatments. This will allow your tattooer to make a better assessment for the cover up, not a quick fix but worth the wait.
You can only go darker in a cover up resulting in a heavy tattoo at least three times larger that will always be a major compromise in design. Just a few sessions could be difference in just getting something that will work versus getting the tattoo you actually WANT. 1 to 3 treatments with us for tattoo lightening means you can achieve a result you are happy to wear for the rest of your life and your chosen tattoo artist will love you for it!